A New World for Siti

Smile Train

Yatna and Mawar’s first experience with cleft came when they saw their daughter, Siti, for the first time. They wondered would Siti be able to make friends and go to school?

Back at Home Mawar struggled to feed Siti. The family also stopped taking her outside to avoid the stares from their community. A heavy, sad feeling hung over the house.

siti happy

Then, when Siti was six months old, a local social worker pointed them to Smile Train partner Yayasan Senyum Sejahtera. They thought there must be a catch, but there wasn’t—just the life-changing surgery their daughter needed, 100% free.

siti with family

After Siti’s cleft lip surgery, she can eat and drink with ease. The family has nothing but high hopes for her bright future.

siti held up by dad

Yatna said, “We cannot thank Smile Train donors enough. The surgery was our dream come true and we are thankful to God for sending us kind people our way.”

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