Cleft Care at Home

Comprehensive cleft care does not only happen at your local Smile Train partner treatment center. It is so important for children and caretakers to have access to resources related to their cleft care at home.

Cleft-affected boy with their mother and father
9 Reasons to Smile Activity Book in English

9 Reasons to Smile

This activity book is filled with creative art projects and engaging family games that help children with clefts explore their emotions, their relationships, and their world — even while at home. It can be used as a printed booklet or as a guide on a phone to draw and play at home. It is available in many languages — please use, share, and send pictures or videos of your child using it at home to [email protected].

Speech Home Practice & Parent Resources

Smile Train’s Speech Resource Library includes fun home practice activities such as games, books, and videos, as well as valuable parent and caregiver educational materials. You and your family may use these materials to practice your child’s speech skills at home, learn about cleft speech strategies, and gain a better understanding of speech therapy principles. Many of these materials were developed by our Smile Train partners across the world, as well as by Dr. Catherine Crowley, a member of Smile Train’s Global Medical Advisory Board and founder of Leaders Project at Teachers College, Columbia University.

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Smile Train's Speech App

Smile Train has developed a free, interactive application (IOS and Android) to enable children with cleft palates to practice their speech on a phone or tablet. The app involves digital stories and games that target sounds that are usually challenging for children with cleft palates. It also has notes and video tutorials to help caregivers understand what is happening with their child’s speech and how to help them overcome their speech challenges. For more information and instructions on how to download the app, visit the Smile Train speech app.


Where available, Smile Train helps our partners provide general counseling, feeding and nutrition guidance, and/or speech services through platforms such as WhatsApp, Zoom, or Facebook. This is an extremely important means for families to receive tailored information and feel supported, even when they cannot physically visit a cleft team. Please reach out to partners in your region to learn which have these services available.